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Dial In

For those unable to attend (or weren't on the list), our Dial-In Audio Guest Book lets anyone, anywhere send you heartfelt, humorous, or heartfelt messages straight from their phone. They simply dial the nearest number and enter your exclusive event code.

DialIn Faq's

  • How long will we have access?
    Three weeks: one week before your event and one week after.
  • When do we get the event code?
    We will provide you the code prior to your rental period.
  • Can people call from any country?
    Yes! They just need to call the number closets to them!
  • Can we customize the greeting?
    Yes! Just like with our Audio Guest Book rentals, you customize the greeting that is played.
  • Will people actually use this?
    Absolutely! It's the perfect solution for guests who can't join in person to still share in the excitement of your special day.
  • Can we book this as a standalone option?
    Yes! We offer dial-in without the need for having one of our audio guest books at your event.
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